History of the Bouvier des Flandres in Alberta

Although the Alberta Bouvier des Flandres Club has been officially recognized as a club by the Canadian kennel Club since 1978, there have been Bouvier des Flandres dogs in Alberta since the 1960's. It is important that the early Bouviers who have contributed to the success of the breed in Alberta not be forgotten. Therefore, the Alberta Bouvier des Flandres Club is undertaking a project to record the names, achievements and pedigrees of Alberta Bouviers. To do this, we need the assistance and cooperation of Bouvier breeders (past and present), and owners (past and present).

We would like to compile as complete a record as we can on Alberta Bouviers from the 1960's to the present years. Eventually we would like to publish a photographic history and pedigree file, but first we must lay the ground work and gather information on these dogs. If you have owned, or currently own a Bouvier, we would like to invite you to complete the attached form and submit it along with a clear photograph (black and white, or color) preferably of the dog in a show stack. There will be no charge to those submitting this information, and all photographs will be returned. Please firmly attach a slip of paper with the dog's name and your name and address to the back of each photograph, as this will assist us in returning the material to you.

Bouviers eligible for inclusion in this project include:

  1. Bouviers that were imported to the province of Alberta, and have been used in a breeding program
  2. Alberta born Bouviers that have been used for breeding
  3. Alberta born Bouviers that have obtained a recognized Canadian kennel Club title (conformation, obedience or other)
  4. any other Bouvier that has achieved recognition in Alberta

If you would be interested in obtaining a copy of the completed record when it is published please indicate this on your form, and it will be kept on file for future reference.

Please submit the completed forms and photographs to:

The Alberta Bouvier des Flandres Club
Historical Project
c/o Cheryl Gilliam, Secretary
Box 3898,
Leduc, AB
T9E 6M8

For information call: (780) 789-3343 or e-mail to: nebadon@telusplanet.net

History of the Bouvier des Flandres in Alberta

Registered name of Bouvier: ________________________________________________

Registered name of Sire: ___________________________________________________

Registered name of Dam: ___________________________________________________

Breeder: ________________________________________________________________

Call name of dog: _______________________ CKC registration No: ______________

Registered owner: ________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: __________________________ Color: _________________________

Titles earned & date earned: _________________________________________________



Health clearances: ________________________________________________________


(Please include the certificate number or a photocopy of the appropriate certificate)

If you would like to be contacted if/when this informatio is published please complete the

following section:

Name: ________________________________ Telephone number: _______________

Address: ______________________________ Province/State: __________________

Postal Code: ___________________________ E-mail address: __________________

Please attach a copy of the dog's pedigree or complete the pedigree form on the next page as accurately as possible.



Thank you for your assistance.