Carolyn Rein
Phone: (780)464-0834


Thank you for checking out our rescue page.  Dogs need new homes for many reasons and good owners that recognize they are now longer able to have a dog go to great lengths to ensure their dogs' new home will be ideal. Please note that we are just the middle person in the Rescue Bouvier placement system.

We keep files on the people interested in providing a home for a needy Bouv.   We like to know the lifestyle that will be offered in the new home. Things like whether the home is urban or rural, who will be sharing the space (kids, other dogs, cats, livestock), preference for an inside or out side dog, male or female.   We collect the same information from the person wishing to place the dog.  It is our goal to find a new home that meets the needs to the individual Bouvier as identified by the owner.   We then put the potential new home person in contact with the current owner so together they can ask and answer all the right questions to ensure the fit will work.   If the fit is wrong we can go back to our files to find perhaps a better fit.  The person placing the rescue Bouvier should not be charging a fee for their dog as the Alberta Bouvier Club does not charge for this service.  Although, donations to the Alberta Bouvier des Flandres Club for rescue services would be gratefully appreciated from both parties.